On which side of your clothing should the Poppy be worn?

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  Signal reads:

 November 11 is the most significant day on the national calendar. No, not Canada Day. Remembrance Day. For Remembrance Day is a poignant reminder that if it had not been for the ultimate sacrifice made by thousands upon thousands upon thousands of our fellow Canadians — our war dead — who gave their lives for us, there wouldn’t be a Canada Day as we celebrate it today. Their unselfish sacrifice, and also the continued service of all our military men and women, made, and continue to make it possible.  Lest We Forget.

 The most significant emblem of Remembrance is the Poppy, risen to almost religious significance through the haunting words of the poem In Flanders Fields written on the French battlefield of Flanders on May 3, 1915 by the legendary Lt. Col. John Alexander MacCrae, M.D., of Guelph, Ontario, field surgeon with the Canadian Artillery.

 However, over the years the wearing of the Poppy as a mark of respect, reverence, and remembrance has brought with it one item of controversy, if that is the proper word to use.

 On which side of  your clothing should the Poppy be worn?

 It is generally accepted protocol that the Poppy be worn on the left. But it is often seen by many to be worn on the right as well. What is he correct mark of respect?

 According the Royal Canadian Legion the Poppy is to be worn on the LEFT, close to the heart. I agree with this declaration even though there are those who say it matters not on which side the Poppy is worn so long as it is worn.

 The Poppy, in my opinion, and those of so many other patriots, is to be always worn on the left. Always! Yes, it is close to the heart, but also, decorations (medals) worn by our men and women in uniform are worn on the left and by our wearing the Poppy on our left brings us in universal harmony with those decorations, brings us to a sacred oneness with those who wore them as we pause to remember.  LEST WE FORGET!


 I wish to share the following with you. Many of you know this iconic song already but to me the attached Australian ballad of Remembrance transcends all things. It knows no national border, tho’ it originated within one, knows no uniform, tho’ it originated wearing one. It is universal. Within the magic of its poignant words is weaved a story of the human soul:


 “They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.”

 Lest We Forget

 End of signal.

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